Paid Promotion

Paid Promotion Structure for Mentioning a Business on Instagram Posts and Website:

Are you looking to give your business a boost through strategic online promotion? Our paid promotion packages effectively showcase your brand on both Instagram and our website, reaching a wider audience and driving engagement. Here’s a breakdown of our paid promotion structure:

1. Instagram Post Mention:

Option A – Standard Package:

– Duration: 24 hours
– Instagram Post: High-quality image featuring your product/service
– Caption: Engaging and relevant caption highlighting your brand
– Hashtags: Up to 10 relevant hashtags to maximize discoverability
– Tagging: Tagging your Instagram handle in the post
– Story Mention: A story post with a swipe-up link (if available)
– Price: $150

Option B – Premium Package:

– Duration: 48 hours
– Instagram Post: Two high-quality images showcasing your brand
– Caption: Captivating caption that tells your brand story
– Hashtags: Up to 15 relevant hashtags for broader reach
– Tagging: Tagging your Instagram handle in the post
– Story Mentions: Two story posts with swipe-up links (if available)
– Price: $250

2. Website Mention:

Option A – Basic Package:

– Website Feature: A dedicated blog post of 500 words featuring your business
– Images: Up to 3 images showcasing your products/services
– Hyperlinks: Up to 2 hyperlinks to your website and social media
– Price: $200

Option B – Enhanced Package:

– Website Feature: A dedicated blog post of 800 words with in-depth coverage
– Images: Up to 5 images to create a visually engaging feature
– Hyperlinks: Up to 3 hyperlinks to your website, social media, and special offers
– Call to Action: A compelling call to action at the end of the post
– Price: $350

Bundle Discount:

opt for a combined Instagram Post Mention and Website Mention package to amplify your brand exposure and save on costs:

– Standard Bundle: Instagram Option A + Website Option A
– Price: $325 (Save $25)

– Premium Bundle: Instagram Option B + Website Option B
– Price: $550 (Save $50)

Additional Add-Ons:

– Extended Instagram Post Duration (per 24 hours): $75
– Additional Instagram Post Image: $50
– Custom Instagram Hashtag Campaign: Price upon request
– Video Content (Instagram Reels or IGTV): Price upon request

Note: Prices are subject to change based on the current market trends and demand. Customized packages can be discussed and tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Ready to elevate your brand’s visibility? Contact our marketing team at with your desired package and schedule your paid promotion today!