Who We Are

Surge Synergy is a Chicago Digital Marketing consulting agency providing high quality digital marketing services to customers in different industries, including politics, fashion, food industry, entertainment, non-profit, manufacturing, education, environment, logistics, and consumer packaged goods to name a few. Surge Synergy provides services to a large array of customers ranging from multi-national Fortune 500 firms to smaller organizations. Surge Synergy is headquartered at 333 S. Wabash Avenue, 27th Floor, Chicago, IL, 60604.

Surge Synergy has a strong track record for delivering faster, better, smarter and end-to-end consulting results to its clients. Our Digit Marketing services involve converting among other things, leads from organic traffic, Search Engine Optimization strategies, and social media in promoting customer’s brand and website while utilizing our six major forms of digital marketing strategies, which includes; Affiliate Marketing, Contact Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

The reasons that we are ready and best suited for your Digital Marketing services:

▪ Best-in-class-Team: Our team comprise of highly qualified, trained & experienced consultants ready to serve your digital marketing needs.

▪ Proven Experience: We have established a track record as a quality provider of services with a strategic focus on serving an array of customers: local and international businesses.

▪ Innovative Approach: We incorporate innovative approaches to provide requisite resources and ensure that the service levels are met or exceeded,

▪ Executive Commitment: Our senior management is keen in establishing long term relationships with our customers by ensuring 100% satisfaction in our services.